Matamata Swifts AFC  
Matamata Swifts AFC

Matamata Swifts Association Football Club is the local guardian of the most significant sport on the planet. We provide a worthwhile, rewarding and stimulating football experience for any person wishing it; competitive or social, senior, youth or junior, male or female. Football is a sport for all the family. This is evidenced by the different generations of people currently involved as members of our club. Football also brings with it a diverse and wide range of cultures not possible through any other sport. It is a meeting place for 'new' New Zealanders as evidenced by the mix of the club’s current membership base.

Football is thriving at all levels in New Zealand and Matamata is no exception to this phenomenon. In terms of playing success, profile, membership and interest, things have never been stronger for football in Matamata. Through players, coaches, administrators, supporters, friends and family the sport of football touches the lives of a great part of our community.

Matamata Swifts AFC is the beating heart of our community.

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The Heart of Our Community

This our picture for the future of our club. Click here (1945 KB pdf file) for a detailed explanation of the direction in which we are hoping to see Matamata Swifts AFC head.

...Our Purpose
Matamata Swifts AFC is the beating heart of our community.
...Core Values
We play hard On and off the field we give consistent effort and provide a quality performance.
We play smart We understand what needs to be done and try to find the best way to do it. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve.
We play together We are unselfish and don't focus on individual results. We look after each other.
...Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
To be the best country football club in New Zealand by the end of 2013.
...What does Matamata Swifts AFC do?
We provide the best sporting experience in our community.
...Our Goals
Financial Sustainability
Inspired Performance
Quality Facilities
Continuous Development
Imaginative Promotion
...Our Guidelines
Common Goal Everyone understands why they're here. Our goals are clear.
Commitment We are committed to our goals. We are accountable and responsible.
Complementary Roles Everyone focuses on what they're best at. People have different skills and different roles within the club.
Clear Communication We communicate openly and honestly.
Constructive Conflict We use conflict constructively and keep it under control.
Cohesion We enjoy each other's company and respect our team mates.
Credible Coaching We have inspirational leadership on and off the field.